Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the Prayer for a Righteous Death

[To be read three times successively]

O, Bon Lwa and the souls of the Gede, surrounding the hearts of the living, knowing compassion and the seats of wisdom, possessing perfected vision and perfected love, come to this place in this time and accept this offering of spirit!

O, Kindly Ones, founts of pristine cognition, origins of immediate and powerful action, come to this place and this time and grant me comfort in this my moment of death!

O, Gran Petro, I (say name) am leaving this world and journeying to other shores. I am cast off from this world and approaching the great transition of death. Suffering deeply, I am without friend, without refuge, a protector or companion. My perception of this life is quickly fading away. I am moving to another world, dark and unfathomable. Entering this forest of doubt I shall be driven by the potency of my sin. I will enter the great wilderness, be borne away upon the great ocean, be driven on by the vital winds of my past actions. Beneath my feet there is no longer firm earth, I have entered a great battlefield, been seized by the malevolent forces of fear and terror upon meeting the executors of your unfailing justice. In accord with the actions of this life I am made powerless to resist a foolish rebirth. The time has come and I have no choice but to move on, alone, leaving dear friends behind.

O, Kindly Ones, grant refuge to me, (say name), who is now without refuge! Protect me! Be my companion! Defend me from the great darkness of death! Turn back the whirlwind of my sin and ignorance! Protect me from my fear and terror of your unfailing justice! Rescue me from the long and terrible roads into perdition!

O, Bon Lwa, be unsparing in your compassion! Grant me strength! Do not permit me another foolish or base rebirth! Without sparing justice, swiftly release the power of your embrace!

O, Gran Petro and the souls of the Gede, be unsparing towards me, (say name), with your empathy, skillful means and ability! Obsess and possess me with your compassionate embrace! Do not permit me to fall under the power of my ignorance and sin!

O, you three First Souls, protect us from the sufferings of our living death!

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