Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Think Like a Wizard

or Sigils, Wildlings and Wizards That Make You Want to be Gay

I am a reader, I read.  Recently I have gotten to consume some excellent books and they convinced me that my hipsterish assumption that occulture was entirely devoid of substance and incapable of impressing me was entirely premature.  I’ll get to the books eventually, the Garden of Blood and Bones has had an especially profound impact on my personal practices but for now I am just enjoying the raw exploration of that.  That realization also got me reading some blogs.

I am also a writer, I write.  I prefer just shooting my big mouth off on whatever topic has crossed my mind at that particular moment and so the blog format kind of suits me better than most but currently I just don’t have much time for my blog.  This makes me cranky but nothing can be done about it.  Instead of being cranky at you, my beloved readers I am going to reference some cool mother-fucking blogs that other more industrious individuals have written for your ravenous and relentless appetites.

First up is runesoup.com, now Gordon is a witty and insightful guy regardless of what he’s writing about but he has a sigil magic technique that could make everyone in the world who practices juju way better that he calls shoaling.  Go there and read everything he has written about shoaling sigils and black swans and be made into a generally more efficient human being.

Next is witchofforestgrove.com, I think that in general the magical culture of the west has gotten kind of cerebral about the whole thing and so a practitioner that actually does something always impresses me.  A witch with her hands in the dirt becomes an increasing rarity these days and this witch perfectly demonstrates that practicality is the mother of both art and grace.  Better than I could by yelling at you about it, that’s for sure.  Both Vanessa and I happily concede that this is one of the best articles either of us had read regarding sex magic in ages.  Get lost in the forest for while, good wildcrafters rarely maintain blogs.

I also read William Burroughs ‘the Place of Dead Roads’ and finally after many years of reading Burroughs completed the Lost Boys trilogy.  I am told that Americans generally try to avoid reading Burroughs because they (quite rightly) fear that it will make them gay.   There is so much truth to this accusation that I see absolutely no point in contending it.  Burroughs wasn’t just a literary genius he was also probably the last great sex magician of the contemporary West and he was amazingly gay.  So yeah, laying your eyes upon his text (especially the Lost Boys books, which were his magical opus) is in fact the exact same as putting a penis in your ass.  Not just putting a penis in your ass though, wanting to put a penis in your ass which needless to say makes you officially gay. 

The Lost Boys trilogy isn’t fiction or at least it shouldn’t be thought of in that way unless you’re also willing to include Kenneth Grant, Michael Bertiaux and the entirety of the Gnostic catalogue.  He is really quite explicit in Dead Roads and the Western Lands that these are his books about magic and that’s why they don’t make any sense as fiction.  Generally the first retort to this argument is that all of Burroughs books didn’t make any sense as fiction but that’s not really true.  The cut-up technique he and Brion Gyson developed in Paris turned around the idea that the reader invents his own narrative regardless of the writer’s intention.  This is not a denial of narrative but rather a surrender to it, in the Lost Boys Burroughs is attempting to meaningfully convey his own magical life and so hidden there in all that randomness and chaos is Burroughs himself, he isn’t even hidden properly but rather he just is the randomness and chaos.  That makes a tremendous amount of sense if you think about it like a wizard. 

Or everyone could continue being terrified of perhaps loving gay butt-sex, I suppose that is the other option.
(The one that makes you retarded.)


  1. *Blush*

    Why do my compliments always end up on pages that also reference putting penises in butts?

  2. My guess is that you have a sigil in a shoal somewhere intended to redirect porn traffic to your blog through clever hashtags and labels.

    Also, penis-butt references are a lot more common on my blog than most others!

  3. Yeah, Gordon's a genius, butt-touching or no! If it makes you feel better Gordon, all Ryan's posts end up sexual in some way. Maybe we need to do an intervention for his sex addiction (and possible butt fetish)?

    Thanks Ryan! Glad you liked my sexy article. It was something I wrote for a now defunct list that was too good not to post publicly. If it got a few internet addicted nerds to talk to real human beings and physically interact with them, my work is done, lol!

  4. Possible butt-fetish?? Possible?? And no interventions! You'll leave me with nothing to write about if you take away my penises and butts!