Monday, May 27, 2013

'Invisible Histories' on

A new series I am writing for the blog.  Now I am in two places.  I shall cross-post links here should you be interested at my inadvisable attempts to penetrate the ineffable mystery of how shit got so fucked up.

"We tend to view History as a linear line of events, one leading inexorably to the next but History like the present, is composed of a myriad of interlocking discreet moments. These first few entries of the Invisible Histories will examine those historical forces which have currently manifested in the form of a Catholic Pope crusading through the America’s against the Animist and Pentecostal religious faiths which have emerged here.  Also cocaine, there will be lots of cocaine.  No names have been changed to protect the innocent because from a historical perspective no one is innocent. ..." from The Invisible Histories, Pt. I – Devil Thou Art Ambiguous

Go and enjoy some weird, dirty history.  The more you know.


  1. I read this on disinformation. Really interesting stuff.

  2. sources or footnotes would be nice