Friday, September 9, 2011

Prophecies of the Doom Fairy, pt. X

Astrology for Whores and Hustlers

September is an interesting month, unofficially kicking off with two planetary stations.  Mercury went direct followed shortly thereafter with Jupiter’s retrograde station.  These two will define the next month and a half roughly as the hands that guide.  For things to have went back to normal, to have meaningfully swayed the impulse back towards the status quo would have involved a kind of normalizing growth that just isn’t possible in a catastrophic wasteland.  So chipper, I know.

Jupiter wants shit to grow, wants to create opportunities for expansion and contemplation and as it moved forward through Taurus this year it found nothing.  Taurus the world populated by our individual concepts of luxury and pleasure was full of economic collapse and unbelievable catastrophy.  Here in the comfy industrialized west it was suddenly not so comfy anymore.  Only dark stars grew in magnitude.  When Jupiter stationed it addressed both the Sun and Venus, its fellow sect lights and it gave what it could where it could.

Jupiter is going to stay in Taurus for the rest of the year and where it has failed to find a means to exact its function it will begin the process of creating them.  This will be the clearest overtone to mark Jupiter’s retrograde as distinct from what has come thus far.  What gifts it had to give it has now done so and a new much more creative process is beginning.  Although a retrograde Jupiter is not going to give you a new house it will provide you with the means of constructing your own.  Those resources and boons which accompanied Jupiter’s station must now be put to work at something altogether different from what has went before.  If the station enriched you, then you have some very deep obligations to put those resources towards the new direction materializing before you.  You are a part of the change, squandering these resources would be foolish indeed.

Mercury leaving Leo and clearing the final degrees that have troubled it over the previous weeks seals the necessity for change.  Only rock stars progress from here.  It is not enough for you to be sensitive and thoughtful during the apocalypse, you have to be the very best at what you do or you have to be the only one doing what you do.  Those are your two options.  What new opportunities those nefarious enough to be blessed by these transits have received might know the proper course in this manner.  Take the road the belongs only to you and own that shit.

Owning it will take some time actually but you will get a really good chance to lay the ground work over the coming weeks while the Sun, Mercury (free of Leo today) and Venus are all loosely trine Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto is hiding in the shadows of Capricorn in case you need a loan shark or a hitman... and you probably will but I digress.  Thats a potent earth trine that will make it relatively easy to lay an effective groundwork for your mad schemes.  While Jupiter’s retrograde puts the final nail in the coffin of global economic recovery it also simultaneously will encourage a kind of volatility in the financial sectors that can and will be exceptionally profitable to the creatively inclined.

Expect the next two weeks to be especially chaotic, the emphasis on pacing which arose from earlier transit’s is now passing and Virgo is lending everything a crisp and immediate necessity.   Now is the time to get on your shit.  So get on it.

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