Friday, October 5, 2012

Prophecies of the Doom Fairy, pt. XII

Truly this moment is the beginning of some dark times.  Scorpio is gaining steam as the astrological marker which will shape the coming winter months.  To be frank, even I am a little surprised at just how thoroughly malevolent the general tendency is.  The political debate in America is now so entirely fucked, so remarkably divorced from the necessities of the times that I don’t even think it matters what happens south of the border.  Either way Netanyahu will force NATO’s hand and regardless of what America does it will be seen to have left Israel to collapse, decay and chaos.

All of this is necessary, the chaos is necessary.  Scorpio has a narrative, a couple actually but the two that will have the spot light upon them will be that of the rending apart of seemingly certain allies and confidants as well as that of new purpose and direction being nursed to life by the forces of untamed chaos and the wild necessity of basic desire.  It’ll be some Lord of the Flies type shit.

When Venus gets in the mix in mid-November we will collectively shed the last of that righteous civility which has marked the last couple of years and get down-right self-serving and that is going to cast some dark clouds over the next year.  As the troubles in N. Africa worsen the flow of shell-shocked, emotionally and physically battered Muslims will stream in ever increasing numbers into Southern Europe and they will bring dogmatically extreme forms of Islam with them (because that will be all they had to take with them out of the middle east and what they credit with their survival).  Places like Spain, Greece and Italy and Southern France, portions of the European Union already feeling the pressure of economic collapse and austerity.  France, hitherto Germany’s ally and support throughout the economic struggles of the Union will collapse under the ongoing pressure of an unstoppable flow of N. African refugees and its own bloated hedonistic self-identity, I wager the cracks will start showing by this time next year if it takes that long.

Needless to say, civil unrest will increase proportionately with austerity compounded by illegal immigration in Southern Europe.  Austerity measures will encourage a nationalist revival, the mechanics of which I discussed a bit in the previous column and that nationalism married as it is to unreasoning deprivation is already turning quickly to fascism and that is a trend I unfortunately see continuing for the next couple of years.  Truly I believe that there is a subtle fascist overtone to the UK’s consolidation of power among its previous colonies.  In the months since my last column Canada has changed the name of its military forces (marking them as an extension of Her Majesties Forces) and more recently combined all of its foreign embassies with those of the UK.  British conservatives are lauding this development as a concretizing of the ‘Anglosphere’, causing Francophone Canadians to cringe everywhere.  The consolidation of the Sovereign Banks of Canada and England will be the final step in that messy business.

Spectral Nazis indeed, except some of them weren’t spectral or even Nazis. Some of them were just pervert fetishists dressed up for a particularly elaborate fetish ball.  That guy in the side-car was hung like a suspension bridge.  When Venus passes through this deep malefica in November that’s what the perceptive will see in all of this.  That really it’s all just costuming for our selfishness, that the world is now too big and inter-connected for an old world problem like nationalistic fascism.  It’s all just costuming for the greatest of Foucault’s mystery plays.  It’s not really a regression to WWII mentalities, it’s Halloween at a gay leather bar.  As it becomes more apparent that there is going to be those who come out on top and those who don’t we will get more callously unconscious in telegraphing our fears and desires onto the world.  All the old symbols and socio-political fascist window dressing are really just adverts for the current collective’s immediate willingness to forcibly make you subject to its own ideologies in increasingly unreasoning attempts to preserve the status quo. 

Keep Calm and Carry On.  Obviously, the answer is to ignorantly continue on as though nothing is happening.  Obviously.


  1. Heh. We're all watching the same patterns, aren't we?

  2. Its actually kind of refreshing for me (considering how thick the doom is getting) because Saturn is transiting out of signs that are more personal for me so I can more easily recognize its influence on the whole.

    I am watching the vents around the Saturn/Venus tag team in Scorpio, that's when the She-Wolf that nurses the next Romulus into being will show herself.