Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prophecies of the Doom Fairy, pt. IX

Astrology for Whores and Hustlers

(July 6, 2011, 4:57PM)

See I told you last month was going to be fucking weird

July is going to be all about pacing.  You got to run and breathe at the same time.  You got to fight and dance.  All the convenient dualities are going to be mashed together and torn apart, that’s going to stay true until we are clear of this new eclipse cycle but you got to figure out how to survive in that madness and the answer is pacing yourself.  Today the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Cancer with the Moon.  This is where you breathe, deep breathes, this is when you dance with your opponent and wait for your window.

This will be an emotionally rich month.  Not the usual Cancer melodrama.  Where we started this year with the mad frustration and violent desperation, we will now have the secret necessities revealed.  The grand battles playing out internationally over currency and self-determination are necessary.  Each of these conflicts began as seemingly random eruptions, the result of inevitable pressures.  This pile-up of deeply personal signatures in the emotive Cancer, while Mars closes on the degrees of the Gemini eclipse will draw our attention away from the individual conflicts towards the hidden pressures which created them.  We will pick our fights, not abandon them and there will be conflict.  Uranus isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re not a 20-something hipster in love with your own marginality you will already have some sense of these profound changes.  The way the last eclipse layered on top of the Saturn station was uniquely intense.  The idea that this is not an ending (a death, the end of American economic colonialism, the birth of autonomy in the mid-east) rather it is the real beginning, it is the moment wherein we will legitimize those struggles.  This is equally, perhaps more deeply true on a personal level.  Each revolution is possible because one individual looked within themselves and said, ‘this is my struggle’.  On that station a beautiful woman scheduled an appointment to go under the knife, to begin her spiritual transformation by completing her physical transformation (self-mutilation/self-beautification).  On that station an alchemist lost his young son and then found him again and with him the true relevance of his magic (the living/the dead).  These events profoundly affected the manner in which I perceived these transits.

There is star between Castor and Pollux, in Gemini on the degree of the eclipse that kicked off the new cycle.  That star holds the twins together, sometimes in the deep intimacy of combat and violence and others in the bottomless well of sex.  Families will be started and ended, lovers will part and come together, leaders will answer to their constituents for good or ill, these petty dualisms will be forced together.  This will be equally true in each of our personal spheres.  Mars will make it happen and Mars isn’t ruled by the Moons deep compassion but rather by Mercury’s grasp of necessity, it will hurt for some of us.  Love your pain, it means you’re still alive.  It means you’re still useful to the universe. 

And finally a brief note on Jupiter.  Jupiter is like Uranus, not going anywhere.  After lending its explosive capacity to Aries at the beginning of the year it will stay in Taurus until next year.  All growth which takes place for the rest of the year will be lasting and meaningful as well as slow and labour intensive.  Pay attention to your limits this month because Jupiter needs you to stay within them to accomplish anything.  Pick your fights and then train for them.

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